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I found TKEP in early Feb '02: I had a heavy webcomic habit, following over 80 of them. Greg Dean linked to this crazy site where each time you clicked a large red button you got a kill on a virtual Earth. Intrigued, I came back a week later with cookies enabled and registered. Being enough of an obsessive geek to like the site, I stuck around a good seven hours that first night and racked up ~140k clicks. The chat was fun and there was some good competition.

On my third night clicking, I realized I'd be sticking around for a while. I made the beginnings of a fairly significant Excel spreadsheet that has become a strange collection of numbers, statistics and stuff called the GeekSheet.

After a month of clicking I hit r1 (only 3.21 MD then) but was overtaken within a week. By my second month I'd dropped to r4, and the webcomics fell by the wayside. With all the new users still coming in I added new tabs to the GeekSheet and started taking monthly snapshots of the top 1000 killers.

I hit r1 again in Nov '02, and held it until Aug '03. Since then I've dropped in rank as other more serious clickers have passed me, but I've stayed in the top 10. I'm following 14 webcomics again and I'm no longer spending over six hours a night clicking. This site is a nod to Gasmaster's wonderful work and a place for other number-oriented geeks to see some of the data I've collected.


"If you think you're a geek, think again. Han's out there." - E-Rock