Welcome to the TCafe

Breakfast Menu:

Anonlette - A large omelette with the cook's choice of fillings. A very tasty surprise each time!

Arsnoffles - Three steaming waffles with your choice of butter, maple and an assortment of berry syrups.

The Eggsderminator - Eggsderminate your hunger (and your kills) with this big country scramble: Eggs, bacon, sausage, onions, hash browns, garlic, green, yellow and red peppers and tabasco.

Hancakes - Three large fluffy pancakes, also with your choice of butter, maple and an assortment of berry syrups.

Mygreeneggsandham - A large breakfast scramble with eggs, diced ham and spinach.

Ninja Flips - Two eggs over easy with a choice of bacon or sausage and toast, secretly delivered to your table.


Arkippers - Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.

Bigmanwheaties - or any other of a large selection of cereals.

Blues_x_Mandarin Oranges

Luberry Muffins - Hot and sweet from the oven and they melt in your mouth.

Katz Claw - Like a miniature bear claw donut, made specially, only here.

Moribuns - Add a sticky cinnamon roll (or two) to your breakfast.


Ailia Wingses - A Plate of glare-hot wings with four dipping sauces.

Demon-Pupcorn - Cajun spiced popcorn for a flaming-hot treat. And no corndogs.

Kirin Roll - Shrimp tempura roll wrapped with avocado and caviar outside.

Knives Scallions - A large salad, well sliced, with lots of chopped scallions.

Ooga Beluga - Caviar so good, you'll become a Barbarian to get some.

Torbjerky - Try some of our homemade buffalo jerky to whet your appetite, comes with our spicy HorstRadish.

Whattheshitake Mushrooms - Steamed Shitake mushrooms in a creamy sauce.
Dinner Menu:

Avant Grande Platter - The huge dinner special listed on the chalkboard.

Chaoticwraps - Thinly sliced chicken, beef and ham in a garlic and four-pepper yogurt marinade. Chaotic far East flavor.

Come As You Are Burger - Seasoned meat and the bun. Nothing else.

Craziecatfish - A platter of crunchy baked catfish with cornbread stuffing and prawns on the side.

Enygma Plate Special - "Eat me!" Take a chance with the Mystery Meat, but don't complain unless you want a roundhouse kick to the head.

Irusandwich - A footlong sandwich with ham, turkey and roast beef.

Miss Quack l'Orange - Young duck in orange sauce on little pillows of rice.

NotRequiche - A brie and canadian bacon quiche. It's not required that you like it, but it'll be hard not to.

Orc Chops - Tender pork chops.

QuietKidney Pie - Steak and kidney pie that has you silent while you eat.

Rabid Gumbo - A jambalaya so hot it will make you foam at the mouth.

Ravieli - A great meat-filled ravioli that has a reputation with the housewives.

RuFondue - Tasty portions of duck along with a mozzarella and gruyere dipping fondue.

Shrimp Skämpi - Lovely garlic shrimp with a Finnish bite served over linguini.

Timichalibut - Battered halibut served with fresh chips.

Tyræl's Shepherd's Pie - A treat from the man who knows all about sheep.

Wumpus Lumps - Boiled dumplings topped with creamy gravy.


Bunzoes - Cheesey bacon buns.
Freedom Fries - Enough to out you.
Kat/Kelslaw - Our tasty coleslaw.
KedBread - Fresh sourdough bread.
Indie Bitch Cakes - Organic rice cakes complete with cranky waitress, music or political critique.
p33 Soup - A tasty split pea soup to add to your meal.
pexi-fries - Hot and spicy fries.
Tuomashed Potatoes
Dessert Menu:

Arielapple Pie - A syrupy sweet apple pie served with lots of whipped cream.

Bluelime Pie - Our tasty key lime pie.

Carrotmancake - Carrot cake with plenty of sticky frosting.

Ducttapioca Pudding - Tapioca pudding in a duct-tape covered dish. Be warned, it sticks to your ribs ... really sticks to your ribs!

Fluffy Lemon Merengue Pie

FroZen YoZgurt - Chocolate and Cheesecake flavors.

Theseus' Fudge-Packed Cake - Is it chocolate? Do you really want to know?

From the Bar - A fine selection of beverages can be had from either the Rarrtender or the Mordretender.

Ask to see the beer list for all the possible Belgian b33r imports.

AdrameMilk - Milk-Plus like in A Clockwork Orange.

BloodThirsty Mary - Extra bloody Bloody Mary.

Kalypso - Coconut rum, peach schnapps, orange and pineapple juices.

Kynon-alcoholic Beer - for the designated driver.

McVencola - Rum and coke with a shot of Everclear for the extra kick.

ShannRaspberry Iced Tea - Electric iced tea with real raspberry juice.

Soul Reaper - 7 different alcohols to take you away.

The 342 - 3 shots of Kahlua, 4 shots of espresso and 2 shots of vodka give this tasty combination a poisonous kick.

Kid's Menu:

Lenariade - A tasty ginger lemonade with little fairy winged straws.

Llamatini - Orange juice and sprite served in a martini glass. No sins against alcohol here, because there's no alcohol!

Mac and Anti-Cheese

Silverwuffles - A plateful of miniature waffles, like silver dollar pancakes.

A fine selection of Belkrisp chips can be found by the register.