The Kill Everyone Project

So what the hell is this place?
Top 1000 killers lists
TKEPpers' haiku and poetry
StartFinder-When did one start TKEP?

Tool lyrics

Here is the collection of the things that don't quite fit elsewhere:

Take a look at the menu for the TCafe - The TKEP restaurant.

When it's late and the chat is sparse, things get a little strange: Quantum Dessert Chromodynamics

Users vs. Time from the StartFinder data: The number of homokaasu users increasing as things go on. It's quite clear when THE Greg linked to TKEP.

The Graph of DEATH: Percentage of the world dead over time.
In addition, here is a zoom showing the early days of TKEP.

Finally, the Estimated Time of Extinction is my latest guess of when the project will end.